10 German words that have no translation to the Spanish

One of the biggest professional challenges for a translator is given when confronted with words that do not have a direct translation language that translates. It is quite common, and thus takes place between the German and the Spanish. In German, there are numerous cases, of which we have chosen 10:

1 Drachenfutter: make a gift to someone in anticipation of their anger for something that has been done.
2 Sandkastenfreund: literal translation “sandbox friend”. It is used to refer to a childhood friend.
3 Ohrwurm: refers to a song that won’t you head.
4 Waldeinsamkeit: it is the sensation produced by being alone in the forest.
5. Kummerspeck: appoints overweight acquired by a low emotional state during which the person concerned has not stopped eating.
6 Gem├╝tlichkeit: the feeling of being comfortable in your House.
7 regular’s table: a group of people who gather regularly at a local.
8 Fernweh: feel nostalgia for a place that has never been.
9 Torschlusspanik: fear of losing the opportunities that life presents.
10 Treppenwitz: appoints the reply that comes to someone 10 to 15 minutes after a conversation.